Lodge ~ Campsite ~ Safari

Enjoy the authentic Africa

                                              Welcome to the
                                        "Isimila African Garden"

The African Garden is located directly in front of the heritage
"Isimila Stoneage Site", 20 km far from Iringa at a hight of around
Here you can enjoy beautiful walks surrounded by a very impressive
mountain landscape. Nearby is also a waterfall. You can swim there and
cool off.
Within and outside the garden there are variety of birds like lovebirds,
owls, eagles ... Sometimes you can also see Duk Duks (little antilopes),
meerkats and monkeys.


Our guests can choose to have an overnight stay in modern traditional
clay or rock stone cottages equipped with a fireplace, private bath,
shower and toilet or in simple but very beautiful designed Bandas or
camping. The campingplace is equipped with a modern tradtional
rockstone cottage for showers and toilets as well as a campfire space.
The garden offers enough space for activities like volleyball, walks,
playground but also rest. 


The Isimila African Garden is a good starting point for Safaris,
selforganized or with cars from the African Garden.



There are already a lot of tourists, but also locals and students visit
the Isimila Stoneage Site. The visitor has the opportunity to learn about
locals but also locals have the opportunity to meet people from all over
the world.
In the Isimila African Garden can be experienced authentic Africa. We
are working for a sustainable tourism, which means that ecological and
social issues standing in the center point. We are a project with and for
the locals.


!!!We look forward to your visit!!!