You can select between modern traditional clay or rockstone cottages, each with a living and sleeping room, a bathroom with shower, toilet and a fireplace. A small garden in front of your cottage makes a private atmosphere.


                         Rockstone Cottage                                                Clay Cottage


The Isimila African Garden also features simple Bandas without a toilet inside for a smaller budget. You can use the public toilet, located on the campsite close to  you.



               Twiga                                                                                                                                       Tembo


The cottages are surrounded by a beautiful African mountain landscape and are located directly in front of the Tanzanian cultural heritage "Isimila Stonage Site".

Because of the height position, it can despite the approximately 28-30 degrees during the day, evenings are relatively cool. On some days or evenings you also feel the monsoon winds.

All accomodation has been built with care and in accordance with the African landscape. The huts were built of natural materials that are locally, such as clay, straw and rockstones. The required timber is acquired with school projects, so that the fund their school or other local projects, new trees are planted at the same time.